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United Debt Holding is a financial services investment company that specializes in the investment of non-performing and partially performing assets from creditors, financial institutions and lenders. Our investment objective is yield, and we leverage our 50 years of successful experience and sophisticated financial models to accurately forecast and execute on opportunities.


As part of our investment strategy, we work with banking and financial institutions to identify asset acquisition opportunities, execution of the acquisition and the management of the assets throughout the course of the investment. Our unique understanding of the financial marketplace and proprietary technology enable us to manage performance expectations with thorough compliance consideration.

Many financial institutions select United Debt Holding as a partner company because of our unparalleled commitment to compliance. Our compliant approach to acquisitions and management has made us a valuable solution for creditors to divest of portfolios without creating new risks that are inherent in asset sales.

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United Debt Holding is a company focused on the acquistion of portfolios.